T6EDC Denison Vane Pump


1.The combination of different cartridges in triple pumps allows low flow at high pressure (300 bar max) and high flow at lower pressure;

2.This is a clever way to optimize your circuit design;

3.This pump feature will also allow a very fast pressure cycle change with a very precise flow repeatability.


1.T6EDC-Series is triple vane pump;

2.The range of total volumetric displacement of the Denison Hydraulics T6EDC-Series triple vane pump is 200 ml/rev up to 527 ml/rev;

3.The high pressure capability up to 240 bar.(mostly 240-240-275;240-240-210;240-210-210;240-210-275);

4.The high speed is 2200rpm.

T6EDC Dension Vane Pump

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