Fuel Injection Pump Vane

Fuel injection pump blade is part of the fuel injection system of the vane pump. Oil is mainly composed of a rotor, stator vane and both sides of the cover composition. The rotor is a cylinder having a radial groove, the groove placed vane, the vane can slide freely in the groove. A rotor eccentrically mounted in the pump body, when the rotor is rotated by a prime mover, vane centrifugal force or spring pressed against the inner wall of the pump body. In the first half of the rotor turns, the space between two blades surrounded by gradually increased the formation of partial vacuum suction liquid. After half a circle, this space decreases, squeezing liquid, the liquid pressure to the discharge tube. This is mainly used for the Bosh VE distribution type fuel injection pump. Fuel Injection Pump Vane
Material Hardness Thickness Width Length Radius Precision Surface
Bearing Steels
HRC 58°~62° 2.991 8.700 10.000 +R6 -R1 3μ-5μ Ra<0.2
6.000 13.000 14.000 +R12

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