China Steel Industry's Environmental Protection and Reform

China has ended the two sessions, the various proposals emerging. Proposals on the steel industry is mainly concentrated in the environmental protection and reform these two aspects. Nowadays, environmental protection has been imperative, for many against the rules enterprises issued a deadline of governance task. In terms of reform, the members have a variety of suggestions,in order to improve the overall competitiveness of the steel industry.

In the government work report of Premier Li Keqiang, the environmental protection is still an important issue. All environmental goals have quantitative standard, Required to reduce carbon dioxide(CO2) emissions by 3.1%;to reduce sulfur dioxide(SO2) emissions by 3%; to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 5%. Implementation of third-party control of environmental pollution, and do a good job of environmental protection legislation. On the environment, the government is determined to  play a crucial protracted war, the steel industry is the first to be subject to restrictions.