Hydraulic gear pump regulation of safe operation

1. Ground power, chassis ground wire must check the wiring insulation, before commissioning.

2. Before running the high-pressure gear pump should release all the oil control valve, and then start the gear pump, to be empty load is operating normally, and then return valve closed, and gradually screwed into the valve stem oil, increasing the load, and Note that the pressure gauge is normal.

3. gear pump stops working, you should first return valve slowly release until the pressure gauge and slowly return to zero before breaking jack tubing connector nut. Non-removable tubing or pressure gauges at the load.

4. The double-acting jack with gear oil pump, oil at the same time using two-way dual-coupled gear pump is appropriate.

5. The oil must be resistant to high pressure rubber tube, the working pressure shall not exceed the rated maximum hydraulic oil or gear oil pump of the actual work. Tubing length should not be less than 2.5m. When a gear pump driven by two jacks, tubing size should be consistent.

6. gear pumps and jacks to use the provisions of the working oil oil number, usually on the 10th or the 20th machinery oil, can also be used hydraulic oil, other similar nature, such as transformer oil. The oil must be poured into the tank through a filter. Often used when the filter once a month, the tank should be cleaned regularly. General should keep the oil level in the tank is about 85%, should be less timely complements the original pump oil should be the same number of oil. Oil tank should generally be within 10 ~ 40 ℃ is appropriate, should not be used at negative temperature.

7. Avoid bending the tubing at the operating pressure. Gear pumps and jacks to connect the fuel tank should be kept clean, the dam is not used with screws to prevent sediment entering, gear pumps and jacks exposed nipple nut use sealed to prevent dust. Debris into the machine. After daily use, you should wipe the gear pump, remove grease consider oil on copper wire cloth.

8. gear pumps should not be at work overload, safety equipment shall be rated hydraulic pressure adjustment, non-arbitrary adjustments.

How should maintain pressure gear pump

1. Repair the pump housing cavity pump housing cavity after abrasion, in general, casement law cavity repair, upcoming cavity Boring big set with cast iron or steel liner after sets. After the casement, the cavity lining 5, seat repairs: pressure limiting valve and plunger valve has two ball valves. After the spherical seat wear can be a ball on the seat, and then gently tap the ball with a metal rod until the ball and seat snug. Such as seat badly worn hinges can be trimmed to grind marks, then the law to make it close together. After the plunger seat wear, you can put a little sand valve grinding until snug.

2. The pump cover repairs, repair work plane: If the pump cover work wear smaller plane can be used hand-grinding method to eliminate signs of wear, that put a little sand valve on the platform or thick glass, and then carried on top of the pump cover grind until eliminate signs of wear, work surface until smooth. When the pump is working flat cover more than 0.1 mm wear depth, should take the first turning grinding way to repair.

3. Repair gear pump drive shaft and bushing wear, with the gap increases, will affect the fuel pump. If this method can be used to repair the drive shaft or sleeve resume its normal with the gap. If the drive shaft wear light, simply press out the old bushings replaced after standard size bushing, with the gap can be restored to the permitted range. If the driving shaft and bushing wear serious and with the gap seriously overweight, not only to replace the bushings, and a drive shaft also applied chrome or vibration welding method will increase its diameter, and then grinding to a standard size, recovery and bushes coordination requirements.

4. housing repair, crack the shell of available nickel-copper rod casting 508 welding. Weld must close and Yuan pores, combined with the pump cover face flatness error of less than 0.05 mm.

5. Wear repair, after the drive shaft bushing bore wear, available reaming method to eliminate signs of wear, and is equipped with a corresponding increase to the size of the bush. Also driven shaft bore wear reaming method to eliminate signs of wear, and then press the actual size of the hole after reaming preparation of the driven shaft.

How to prolong the service life of hydraulic piston pump method

A pump no overload design technology applications: In the conventional centrifugal pump, power is always increases with increasing flow, that is, a power curve is increased with increase in the flow rate curve, which pump use will bring a problem: when the pump is operating at design point, in general, the pump motor power is less than the rated power, the use of this pump is safe; but when the pump head is reduced, the flow will increase (from the pump performance curve can be seen), the power increases. When the traffic flow exceeds the design point and arrived a certain value, the pump motor input power may exceed the rated power and the formation of motor overload and burnout. Motor overload or maintenance operation of the system to suspend the action of the pump rotation; or failure to maintain the system so that the motor burned. Pump head lower than the design point lift conditions used in practice is often encounter a situation is when the pump selection, pump head selected too high, while the practice is to reduce the use of the pump head use; the other situation is that in the use of the pump operating point is certainly not very good, in other words the pump flow requirements often stop conditioning; there is a situation that needs frequent changes location using the pump.

Second, these three conditions were unfamiliar overload may affect the pump using the pump robustness. Be able to say, for there is no full head pump characteristics (including submersible sewage pumps), its scope of application would have been restricted to a large extent on. The so-called full head properties (also known as non-overload characteristics) refers to the power curve with the increase in traffic and the speed is very slow rise, more desirable when the flow reaches a certain value, the power not only will not rise again, it will be landing, that the power curve is a hump in the curve, if so, we simply select the motor rated power hump point slightly beyond the power value, then at zero flow to the entire range of the maximum flow rate, and you both in that running on an operating point, the pump will not exceed the power leaving the pump motor power overload on the pump with this performance, whether it is the selection or use, will be very convenient and secure. Also worthy of motor power also need large equipment costs can be considerable parsimonious. We deputy leaf turns body sealing technology and pump power without overloading design technology used in submersible sewage pump, the greater progress of the pump seal securely and carrying capacity, extending the service life of the pump.

Effectively extending the service life of submersible sewage pump submersible sewage pump approach has increasingly been focusing on people, use the range more widely, from simple walks water used to be able to convey to today’s variety of domestic sewage, industrial waste, construction sites and drainage, liquid feed and so on. Plays a very important role in municipal engineering, industry, hospitals, buildings, hotels, water conservancy and other industries in the establishment. About submersible sewage pumps for the most critical issue is the robustness problem – effectively extend the service life of the pump problem. Due to the use of submersible sewage pumps are places in the liquid; walked the media are mixed liquid containing solid materials; pump and motor are very close; pump for vertical layout, with the impeller rotating parts by weight of water pressure to accept the same direction. These problems have made the request in a sealed submersible sewage pumps, motors carrying capacity, bearing arrangement and selection and other aspects than ordinary sewage pump higher. In order to effectively extend the life of submersible sewage pumps, submersible sewage system set up to maintain the pump is necessary, it can effectively maintain the safe operation of the electric pump. But the key is not the problem, just to maintain the system in a method to compensate the pump after the onset of illnesses, is a passive way to match. The key issue is the question should start from the basic, thorough treatment of pump seals, overload, etc., this is a more proactive approach. For this reason we took turns body vice leaves power sealing technology and pump design technology used without overload submersible sewage pumps, the great progress of the pump seal securely and carrying capacity, extending the service life of the pump. Imported pumps, valves Custer wine

Third, the application of Dynamic deputy leaf turns sealing technology: the so-called sub-leaf turns body dynamic seal means that after the pump impeller cover the back near the coaxial in the opposite direction means an open impeller. When the pump is working, vice impeller rotates together with the pump shaft, impeller deputy liquid will rotate with the rotation of the liquid will produce an outward centripetal force, the centripetal force on the one hand against the flow of fluid mechanical seal, reducing the mechanical pressure seal at. On the other hand to prevent the media of solid particles into the mechanical seal friction, the reduction of the mechanical seal grinding block wear and prolong their use life. But deputy impeller sealing effect, but also can play a role in reducing the axial force, axial force composed mainly by the liquid pressure differential forces on the impeller and the rotating partial gravity sewage pump, which the direction of action of the two forces are the same, are added together is formed by two forces. As can be seen, in the same situation a complete performance parameters, axial force submersible sewage pump is larger than the average horizontal pumps, vertical pumps and balanced than the harder difficulty. So submersible sewage pumps, bearings easily damage their cause is the axial force has a great relationship. And if the installation of the direction of Vice impeller, the impeller fluid pressure acting on the deputy force is with these two forces together to the contrary, this can offset a partial axial force, also played a role in extending bearing life. But the use of auxiliary impeller sealing system also has a flaw, it is in the secondary impeller to spend a local energy, common in about 3%, but simply designed, complete partial loss can reduce this to a minimum.

Troubleshooting hydraulic tank have?

(1) serious tank tank temperature plays a “hot flywheel” effect, can prevent the absorption of heat in the short term, it can be prevented in the cold environment of the hydraulic system of short-term idling is excessive cooling, but the tank is still the main contradiction “warm l. ” The temperature rise will result in severe multiple hydraulic system failure. The causes serious tank temperature.

(2) severe fuel tank fuel tank temperature plays a “hot flywheel” effect, can prevent the absorption of heat in the short term, it can be prevented in the cold environment of the hydraulic system of short-term idling is excessive cooling, but the tank is still the main contradiction “warm l. ” The temperature rise will result in severe multiple hydraulic system failure. The causes serious tank temperature.

① Gao tank set up in the vicinity of radiation temperature, ambient temperature, Gao, and molten plastic injection molding machine. With a high-power heating means are provided in this environment

② various hydraulic system pressure loss, such as overflow losses, throttling losses, losses along the pipeline and local losses, caused by the oil temperature will be converted into heat

③ oil viscosity inappropriate choice, too Gao or too low.

④ tank design and inadequate cooling area. Way to solve the serious rise follows.

① try to avoid the heat, but the plastic machinery 〖such as injection molding machines, extruders, etc.) because they have to melt the plastic, there must be a “source.”

② proper design of the hydraulic system, such as system should uninstall the loop, using the pressure, flow and power matching circuits and other high hydraulic accumulator system, to reduce the overflow losses, throttling losses and pipeline losses, reduce heat rise

③ Select Gao efficient components, precision machining and assembly efforts to raise Gao precision hydraulic components, reducing leakage losses, the volume of losses and mechanical losses caused by heating phenomenon.

④ correct piping: reduce too small for too long, too much bending branches along with the bus improperly brought loss and partial loss.

⑤ Select the correct oil viscosity.

⑥ tank design should be considered when there is sufficient heat dissipation area A.

(3) the oxidative degradation of oil produces oil tank oxidative degradation and oil type, temperature, rest time and the presence of the oxidation catalyst related. When selecting seed oil according to the working conditions and working environment, select species and performance in line with the oil viscosity, temperature at 30 ~ 55 ℃ rest means: Do not break too short, otherwise it will accelerate the deterioration of oil oxidation.

(4) inside the fuel tank oil tank oil pollution contaminants from outside intrusion, there is internally generated, there are remnants of the assembly.

① assembly remaining pieces such as peeling paint, welding slag. Before cleaning the tank assembly must be strictly surface and go strictly to rust oil, and then paint the inner wall of the tank.

② from outside intrusion of dust seal should be noted that at this time the tank and install air filter and air at the top of the tank connected, so that the air is filtered before entering the tank. Often doubles as a fuel inlet air filter, now have been standard parts (EF type) for sale. Can be equipped with about 100 mesh copper mesh filter to filter added to the oil tank; also useful filter paper core, the better, but the atmosphere’s ability badly, so Zhixin larger capacity cartridges. In order to prevent outside intrusion of dirt inside the tank is sucked into the pump, the fuel tank to install partitions, to separate oil return area and absorbing areas. By partitions, extended back into the oil tank time to rest, to prevent oxidative degradation of oil, on the other hand is also conducive to the precipitation of dirt. Separator for oil level height of 3/4, as shown in Fig 3-88. Tank bottom should be tilted floor depending on the degree of tilt tank size and viscosity oil used, are generally set at the lowest part of the tank bottom drain plug at the bottom of the tank so that the accumulation of dirt to get cleared. Distance from the floor most of the suction pipe from Gao to be 150 plus 10 more, to prevent dirt being sucked people, as shown in Figure 3-89.

③ reduce contamination within the system generates a fuel tank to prevent condensation of moisture produced: it is necessary to select a sufficiently large capacity air cleaner, so that the heated air from the tank top as quickly as possible, does not condense into the cold water tank cover beads drop in the tank; the other large-capacity air cleaner or air vent, the top of the tank to eliminate the difference in space and atmospheric pressure, and prevent the top layer is lower than atmospheric pressure, from the outside into the dust. b. Use a good anti-rust performance lubricant reduces wear and rust generated material.

(5) oil tank air bubbles are difficult to separate oil return due to agitation in the tank, and easy to produce bubbles suspended in the oil folder, if they are with a person of the hydraulic system will generate a lot of it is chant (such as pump noise, cavitation and hydraulic cylinder crawling, etc.]. In order to prevent air bubbles in the fluid before it is sucked not eliminate the human pump. Set partition separated zone and back to the oil pump suction area, back to the oil separator was baffled, slow flow rates, which will help the bubble separation and the oil spill. But in this way is difficult to separate fine bubbles, the separation efficiency Gao.

How to replace the hydraulic pump vane pump cartridge

First check 1. Install oil pump oil inlet flange seals and do have a pipeline is aging deformation (it is best to replace the new one), and should clean up the inner wall of dirt into the oil pipeline, oil pipeline inspection into each junction sealing performance.

2. Check that the motor shaft and bearing wear deformation, such as swing axle shaft deformation phenomenon should be confirmed or bearing wear, to prevent the motor due to issues affecting the life of the pump.

3. Check whether the coupling wear deformation, after installing the pump shaft is concentric with the motor shaft, the simplest way is to manually rotate the coupling (such as using the plug-in motor, the motor can be turned by hand rear cooling fan) Turn the intensity feeling homogeneous and flexible.

4. Before starting the motor to check the hydraulic oil tank is clean enough to clean the filter is deformed, it is recommended to thoroughly clean the tank, replace the standard new hydraulic oil and filter. To prevent burning pump phenomenon, before the start of the pump must be When you release the oil port of the pump discharge valve (if not vent the oil port of the pump slightly loosen joints) in order to exclude the pump and the air ducts and unloaded; the body is filled with hydraulic oil Jog style start, after operating normally (when no bubbles coming out) and then tighten the exhaust valve or the oil port connector.

5. In the process of working oil pump oil level should be noted, oil temperature, pressure, etc. use meets the requirements, the oil level after normal work generally higher than 50mm above the top of the filter, otherwise the pump easy to suck air and noise, oil best controlled at 60 degrees Celsius, the oil temperature is too high and prevent damage to the friction surface protection film formed on their own.

6. When replacing the pump core positioning holes in the pump housing to check whether the deformation, whether part of the inner shaft with external splines and spline wear pump core deformation, such as the positioning hole deformation or abrasion shaft key recommends that users replace the entire pump.

7. Check the seal (oil seal) is aging deformation, bearing wear loose (recommended replacement of the shaft seal and bearings), the replacement should be careful, consistent with the recommendations by the outside diameter of the seal (seal used) and outer diameter slightly larger than the bearing diameter, inside diameter slightly larger than the outside diameter of the shaft (bearing) flat hard objects to them to a fixed position to prevent deformation and damage bearing seal.

8. Check the old pump core models, the work is consistent direction, before installation to confirm the installation before the first clean the inner wall of the pump housing, together with lubricant and then loaded pump core, the installation is not very smooth as pump core in place to check pump stator core and is concentric with the oil pan, adjust the concentricity after the installation, the installation is to confirm whether the pump core positioning pins fixed to the positioning hole pump casing, check seals are complete and smooth. To prevent seal trimming, tightening the screw pump casing connection angle uniform response gradually tightened.

9. Adjust the pump out of the oil port direction, as long as the fixing screw screwed out of the pump casing, you can rotate the pump housing, the location rotating guide needed then tighten the screw; do not pull the pump core, in order to avoid pump core positioning pins and positioning hole pump housing dislocation or dislocation ring down the pump casing connection.

10. When the installation check oil pump oil inlet flange seals and do have a pipeline is aging deformation (it is best to replace the new one), and should clean up the inner wall of dirt into the oil pipeline, oil pipeline inspection into each junction sealing performance.

What are the common faults of the hydraulic pump eight?

A large pipeline pump output resistance


Whether an accurate output piping layout, pipe diameter can not be too small, the turning angle of the line ones

2 Check valves are flexible

3 appropriate outlet valve open until the operating point

Second, the water within the oil, gas more


4 oil inside the water, the bubbles control at about 100 ℃ -120 ℃ temperature, after slowly drained, can be gradually heated to operating point

Are five piping layout justice

6 Install three vent pipes and clog impeller


7 Clear the pipeline and road debris inside the impeller

8 Check whether the failure of four gate valves, inlet filter clogged


9 Regular cleaning filter

10 is not too dense mesh of five, pump inlet seal ring seal and impeller wear ring grim


11 to replace worn parts

12 caliber pump suction inlet that is less than or 100mm, mouth rings should be replaced when the gap is greater than 1.5mm; inhaling caliber or greater that is 125mm, while the mouth ring gap is greater than 2mm, should repair replacement

Six, speed and steering inaccurate


13 Check the speed value (measured by tachometer)

14 Check the line connection

15 is the reverse operation

Seven, the density of the fluid viscosity transport departing from the basic value


16 When ordering parameters deviate media failure should inquire eight factory, the device is too low NPSH S (steam energy margin is too low)


17 Check and adjust if necessary high level trough

18 pump inlet valve is fully open, and check the filter

19 When the high slot to the pump inlet piping resistance is too large, re-piping

Car routine maintenance work done four

In fact, routine maintenance work is very simple, summed up: clean, tight, inspection, supplements.

First, clean
Air contains a lot of dust, sand and an acidic substance, is not only easy to be leaked fuel adhesion, baking at a high temperature to form a hard insulation layer easy, so that deterioration of thermal performance parts, and could easily be eroded by electrostatic attraction body paint face to premature fading.
1. Clean the air filter
Steep dirty air filter will hinder fresh air into the cylinder, resulting in Aiki too thick, incomplete combustion, power down, exhaust exceeded. Modern air filter is generally used paper filter, clean the note: do not use water or oil wash, pat method should be used and purging method. Pat pat filter method that end face, so dust off. Purging method which uses compressed air to filter out internal purge air pressure: the force should not exceed 0.3N / Pa
2. Clean the oil filter
Confusion clogged oil filter will impede the flow of lubricating oil, poor engine lubrication, increased wear and even bush-burning and so on. For this reason, should be regularly cleaned or replaced. Usually replaced once every driving 8000km, if the climate is dry. Should be shortened to 5 000km replacement.
3. Clean the battery
Modern cars are generally maintenance-free batteries, first clean the battery top, to avoid inter-pole due to the electrolyte or other impurities caused by a short circuit; secondly to clean the battery terminals to prevent joints caused by poor contact to produce oxides. Vent should be smooth to avoid excessive pressure or temperature within the battery burst leaving hand.

Second, fastening
After clean vehicles, it is necessary for each connection fastening. Because the process of vehicle vibration, bumps, swing and other reasons, will inevitably lead to loose connections, frayed. Therefore, routine maintenance should promptly tightened. Fastening work daily connections directly related to traffic safety, especially important parts steering, braking, transmission, etc., must not be taken lightly.
1, first of all, the engine around each hose connector fastening, anti-leakage of oil.
2. Second, tighten all electrical equipment, wiring and connectors to prevent open circuit, short circuit, grounding, etc. affect the normal operation of electrical equipment.
3, again, the main connecting member fastened checked. Such as generators belts, steering linkage mechanism actuating means coupling point, drivetrain and tires.

Third, check
After connecting fastening, Tony l should check the height and quality of the oil, because of fluid loss at high temperatures will gradually reduce the level of oxidation and lead to poor performance
1. Check the battery fluid level with a 5 N 6mm diameter tube, add liquid from the mouth of the vertical force to filter into contact with the upper end closed with the thumb to live tube, lift tube, measuring the height of the liquid column which is the Battery fluid level, the standard should be 10 N 15mm.
Height 2, check the oil level in the
Remove the oil dipstick cold car, after the wipe into the bottom of the oil pan, after observing its height should be between the upper and lower marking. Hot car should turn off standby all the oil flowing into the oil pan and then measured.
3. Check the coolant level in the height of the cold when the coolant tank should be full, the expansion tank fluid level should be between the markings. Hot car should be slightly higher than the standard liquid level
4, check the brake fluid, steering fluid level height
Unscrew the bolts, direct observation level is within the specified range markings.
5, check the oil quality
Regardless of the oil, can use the following methods to check.
(1) the appearance of law: View the oil sample was taken, and if more transparent, indicating that contamination is not serious; if the mist, the oil in the seepage water; if gray, may be contaminated with lead or other abrasive; if present Black, high-temperature exhaust gas is contaminated.
(2) Diffusion Method: drop of oil samples taken on filter paper, if the proliferation of a wide area and the diffusion region and the oil droplets no significant difference, indicating that the oil cleanliness is good; otherwise it is clean of oil change poor.

Fourth, add
1, oil supplement
If you did not find a significant deterioration of oil, should look into the leaks, check if it should be excluded, and promptly make up the same level of oil.
2, fluid replacement
If oil deterioration or exceed the replacement cycle, should be replaced.
Usually every six months traveling 8000km or replaced once the oil; each driving 20,000 to 4 million km or two years to replace a brake fluid; 1-2 years to replace a coolant; every year or with the use of thousands of meters to replace a hydraulic oil .

Car routine maintenance

Routine maintenance routine maintenance that is before moving, driving in the car received a job by the driver responsible for the implementation, operations center content is clean, supplies and security review, is to maintain a normal working condition of the vehicle’s regular, must work . Maintenance is a professional service companies responsible for the implementation, operations center in addition to routine maintenance work outside content to clean, lubricate, tighten the main and check the relevant braking, steering and other safety components. Two maintenance by a professional maintenance company responsible for the implementation, operations center in addition to the content level maintenance work outside to check and adjust the main and dismantling tires, rotate the tires. Detection and diagnosis should be carried out before the two maintenance and technical assessment, based on the results, determine the additional jobs or small repair projects, combined with two maintenance be carried out. Maintenance cycle at all levels, according to the car type and operating conditions.

Routine vehicle maintenance is very important. A slight effect on the daily maintenance of the vehicle will not only cause unnecessary damage and endanger traffic safety. Such as the lack of lubricant will cause the pull-cylinder bush-burning, a part of the vehicle and other accidents cited dysfunction; on the contrary, if the daily work done carefully, not only make the vehicle. Keep it new, but to master the technical condition of the various parts of the vehicle, to avoid machinery accidents and traffic accidents.

Car maintenance oil change

How long oil change once? How much oil each time you need to replace? Replacement cycle and the amount of oil on the issue of particular concern to us, the most direct is to see your vehicle maintenance manual, the top general has a very clear presentation. But there are a lot of people have long disappeared maintenance manual, and this time you will find out a lot about. In general, oil change intervals of 5,000 km, the specific amount of the replacement cycle and according to the vehicle-related information to judge.

Not all models are suitable for owners of yourself oil change, but we can learn to see the oil gauge, in order to determine whether the oil to the replacement of the time. Also, change the oil in the oil filter must be replaced at the same time.

Second, antifreeze use common sense
Antifreeze is best used throughout the year, in addition to antifreeze cooling function, as well as clean, rust, corrosion antifreeze effect, reducing water tank corrosion protection of the engine. Note to pick the right color of antifreeze, do not mix.

Third, the brake fluid to use common sense
Function of the brake system and brake fluid are closely linked, in the check and replace the brake pads, brake discs and other hardware, do not forget to see if you need to add brake fluid replacement.

Fourth, the gearbox oil
In order to ensure the car to flexible, should always check the gearbox oil, gear oil, whether or automatic transmission oil, should pay attention to the type of oil, generally speaking are on high.