What are the common faults of the hydraulic pump eight?

A large pipeline pump output resistance


Whether an accurate output piping layout, pipe diameter can not be too small, the turning angle of the line ones

2 Check valves are flexible

3 appropriate outlet valve open until the operating point

Second, the water within the oil, gas more


4 oil inside the water, the bubbles control at about 100 ℃ -120 ℃ temperature, after slowly drained, can be gradually heated to operating point

Are five piping layout justice

6 Install three vent pipes and clog impeller


7 Clear the pipeline and road debris inside the impeller

8 Check whether the failure of four gate valves, inlet filter clogged


9 Regular cleaning filter

10 is not too dense mesh of five, pump inlet seal ring seal and impeller wear ring grim


11 to replace worn parts

12 caliber pump suction inlet that is less than or 100mm, mouth rings should be replaced when the gap is greater than 1.5mm; inhaling caliber or greater that is 125mm, while the mouth ring gap is greater than 2mm, should repair replacement

Six, speed and steering inaccurate


13 Check the speed value (measured by tachometer)

14 Check the line connection

15 is the reverse operation

Seven, the density of the fluid viscosity transport departing from the basic value


16 When ordering parameters deviate media failure should inquire eight factory, the device is too low NPSH S (steam energy margin is too low)


17 Check and adjust if necessary high level trough

18 pump inlet valve is fully open, and check the filter

19 When the high slot to the pump inlet piping resistance is too large, re-piping