How to prolong the service life of hydraulic piston pump method

A pump no overload design technology applications: In the conventional centrifugal pump, power is always increases with increasing flow, that is, a power curve is increased with increase in the flow rate curve, which pump use will bring a problem: when the pump is operating at design point, in general, the pump motor power is less than the rated power, the use of this pump is safe; but when the pump head is reduced, the flow will increase (from the pump performance curve can be seen), the power increases. When the traffic flow exceeds the design point and arrived a certain value, the pump motor input power may exceed the rated power and the formation of motor overload and burnout. Motor overload or maintenance operation of the system to suspend the action of the pump rotation; or failure to maintain the system so that the motor burned. Pump head lower than the design point lift conditions used in practice is often encounter a situation is when the pump selection, pump head selected too high, while the practice is to reduce the use of the pump head use; the other situation is that in the use of the pump operating point is certainly not very good, in other words the pump flow requirements often stop conditioning; there is a situation that needs frequent changes location using the pump.

Second, these three conditions were unfamiliar overload may affect the pump using the pump robustness. Be able to say, for there is no full head pump characteristics (including submersible sewage pumps), its scope of application would have been restricted to a large extent on. The so-called full head properties (also known as non-overload characteristics) refers to the power curve with the increase in traffic and the speed is very slow rise, more desirable when the flow reaches a certain value, the power not only will not rise again, it will be landing, that the power curve is a hump in the curve, if so, we simply select the motor rated power hump point slightly beyond the power value, then at zero flow to the entire range of the maximum flow rate, and you both in that running on an operating point, the pump will not exceed the power leaving the pump motor power overload on the pump with this performance, whether it is the selection or use, will be very convenient and secure. Also worthy of motor power also need large equipment costs can be considerable parsimonious. We deputy leaf turns body sealing technology and pump power without overloading design technology used in submersible sewage pump, the greater progress of the pump seal securely and carrying capacity, extending the service life of the pump.

Effectively extending the service life of submersible sewage pump submersible sewage pump approach has increasingly been focusing on people, use the range more widely, from simple walks water used to be able to convey to today’s variety of domestic sewage, industrial waste, construction sites and drainage, liquid feed and so on. Plays a very important role in municipal engineering, industry, hospitals, buildings, hotels, water conservancy and other industries in the establishment. About submersible sewage pumps for the most critical issue is the robustness problem – effectively extend the service life of the pump problem. Due to the use of submersible sewage pumps are places in the liquid; walked the media are mixed liquid containing solid materials; pump and motor are very close; pump for vertical layout, with the impeller rotating parts by weight of water pressure to accept the same direction. These problems have made the request in a sealed submersible sewage pumps, motors carrying capacity, bearing arrangement and selection and other aspects than ordinary sewage pump higher. In order to effectively extend the life of submersible sewage pumps, submersible sewage system set up to maintain the pump is necessary, it can effectively maintain the safe operation of the electric pump. But the key is not the problem, just to maintain the system in a method to compensate the pump after the onset of illnesses, is a passive way to match. The key issue is the question should start from the basic, thorough treatment of pump seals, overload, etc., this is a more proactive approach. For this reason we took turns body vice leaves power sealing technology and pump design technology used without overload submersible sewage pumps, the great progress of the pump seal securely and carrying capacity, extending the service life of the pump. Imported pumps, valves Custer wine

Third, the application of Dynamic deputy leaf turns sealing technology: the so-called sub-leaf turns body dynamic seal means that after the pump impeller cover the back near the coaxial in the opposite direction means an open impeller. When the pump is working, vice impeller rotates together with the pump shaft, impeller deputy liquid will rotate with the rotation of the liquid will produce an outward centripetal force, the centripetal force on the one hand against the flow of fluid mechanical seal, reducing the mechanical pressure seal at. On the other hand to prevent the media of solid particles into the mechanical seal friction, the reduction of the mechanical seal grinding block wear and prolong their use life. But deputy impeller sealing effect, but also can play a role in reducing the axial force, axial force composed mainly by the liquid pressure differential forces on the impeller and the rotating partial gravity sewage pump, which the direction of action of the two forces are the same, are added together is formed by two forces. As can be seen, in the same situation a complete performance parameters, axial force submersible sewage pump is larger than the average horizontal pumps, vertical pumps and balanced than the harder difficulty. So submersible sewage pumps, bearings easily damage their cause is the axial force has a great relationship. And if the installation of the direction of Vice impeller, the impeller fluid pressure acting on the deputy force is with these two forces together to the contrary, this can offset a partial axial force, also played a role in extending bearing life. But the use of auxiliary impeller sealing system also has a flaw, it is in the secondary impeller to spend a local energy, common in about 3%, but simply designed, complete partial loss can reduce this to a minimum.