Development of high-viscosity hydraulic rotary gear pump shaft

High viscosity because of the high viscosity of the medium conducting oil pump (high viscosity pump) conveyed, in order to reduce the resistance activity, progress absorbent capacity pump, is necessary for heating the media or insulation. Usually electric heating elements, can heat an average viscous liquid. If the temperature is low volatility and high viscosity liquids transported easily degradation occurs, we recommend using the fluid heating, especially large displacement gear pump. Fluid heating divided internal, external structure.

The so-called built-in refers to the internal gear pump body or cover design suddenly shrunk, external clamp bolt is through the thermal sleeve and pump are coupled together. To the jacket into the steam, oil, cooling water is still, according to the media in detail the circumstances. Built-in together for a higher average transmission fluid temperature requirements, or requirements for the average high temperature liquid cooling applications. When the lack of security or electric heating temperature control less demanding, can be an external structure.

HTF high viscosity gear pump common with straight teeth, helical, herringbone gear, helical gear, involute tooth profile main types of lines and arcs. Usually small gear pump more involute spur gears, gear pumps often used high temperature shifted gear, transport of high viscosity, high-pressure melt the polymer melt pump more involute helical gear. Gear formed integrally with the shaft, its rigidity and higher reliability than a gear with a gear pump shaft is separately manufactured. Foreign low pressure gear pump gear often used a square structure, i.e., the gear tooth width that is the tip diameter. The use of high-viscosity gear pump high pressure applications tooth width less than the diameter of its addendum circle, which is to reduce the radial pressure receiving area of ​​the gear, reducing gears, bearings load.