20150817V and VQ INTRA VANE design do great reduce of the high-pressure impact from the vane to the rotor; which do assistant the vane pump to be more stable performance, longer life and lower noise under high-pressure and high-speed circumstance.

Application as following:

A.V and VQ Intra-Vane Pump for Industry Application

1.V Series Single Pump: 20V, 25V, 35V, 45V

2.V Series Double Pump: 2520V, 2525V, 3520V, 3525V, 4520V, 4525V, 4535V

3.V10/V20 Series Vane Pump: V10, V20

B. V and VQ Intra-Vane Pump for Automobile Equipment

1.VQ Series Single Pump: 20VQ, 25VQ ,30VQ, 35VQ, 45VQ

2.VQ Series Double Pump: 2520VQ, 3020VQ, 3520VQ, 3525VQ, 3530VQ, 4520VQ, 4525VQ, 4530VQ, 4535VQ

C. Lower Noise V and VQ Intra-Vane Pump

1.SQPV Series Single Pump: SQPV1, SQPV2, SQPV3, SQPV4

2.SQPV Series Double Pump: SQPV21, SQPV31, SQPV32, SQPV41, SQPV42, SQPV43


PV2R Series Single Vane Pumps

High pressure, high performance vane pumps designed for low noise operation and ease of maintenance. The working parts of the pump are presented as a cartridge kit and can be replaced for quick, easy repairs. The Yuken PV2R Vane Pumps is frequently used in injection molding systems, as the pumps provide an expansive range of output flow from 5.8 cm3 /rev to 237 cm3 /rev (.354 cu.in./rev to 14.46 cu.in./rev).


  • Foot mount
  • Flange mount

Model series:

  • PV2R1
  • PV2R2
  • PV2R3
  • PV2R4

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