Car spring maintenance

nti need paint spring beauty

Spring rain, over time will cause damage to the car’s paint, so more rain in the spring, during seasonal maintenance, it is best to give the car to conduct a cosmetic finish.
Chela on the market there are two kinds: a solid wax and liquid wax. Generally solid wax is wax polish, wax and liquid known as brightener or shiny glaze, just evenly in the paint can. The advantage of this approach is simple beauty, car owners can own DIY, go to the beauty shop car waxing can.

Closure glaze by covering the polymer paint car paint to improve wear resistance, to light lasting results. But durability is generally 4-6 months after the start of the gradual disintegration of the polymeric layer, then need to do it again. Owners can not operate on their own, must be applied by specialty services.

Timely removal

After entering the spring, to the car to be important parts cleaning dust is very important work. Car parts if it is too dirty, it will cause filtration effect of variation, too many impurities into the oil cylinder, increased mechanical wear and tear, increasing the likelihood of failure. Therefore, when the season for such “Pazang” accessories must be timely cleaning and maintenance. Generally you can go to the 4S shop owners or car beauty free air cleaner to remove dust and air conditioning filters.

Clean air inside the vehicle

Spring car dirt and food debris easy to breed bacteria and mites, while spring is the respiratory disease-prone period, interior space is small, most likely between the passenger each other infectious bacteria. Therefore, to kill harmful bacteria in the car is a very important job. Generally speaking, there are two ways to steam sterilization and photocatalyst.

Steam sterilization is the steam engine steam jet at the mouth roof, seat, ground down, air conditioning vents, dashboard, trunk, use steam to kill harmful bacteria spray steam car.

Photocatalyst photocatalyst sucked sprayed the ceiling, a non-contact operation countertops, doors around the tiny substances such as bacteria, mites, odors and other decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, so as to achieve sterilization and deodorization purposes.

Two timely dust filter
After entering the spring, to the car to be important parts cleaning dust is very important work. Car parts if it is too dirty, it will cause filtration effect of variation, too many impurities into the oil cylinder, increased mechanical wear and tear, increasing the likelihood of failure; if severely clogged, causing the vehicle will not work.

The most important number to the air filter and air filter. Car is in use, when the ambient air quality is generally good, according to a regular maintenance cycle to replace the air filter on it. But the surrounding ambient air quality is poor, you should pay attention to clean the air filter, air filter if dirty, will allow to reduce the amount of air entering the cylinder, causing the car’s dynamic performance decline, not to mention speed up. Air filter during use should be regularly cleaned or replaced, or clogged filter will prevent and reduce air into the evaporator tank, air conditioning though was very large, but still do not feel cold, accompanied by some of the vehicle interior odor.

Power steering pump principle structure

First, the power steering pump operation

1, the power steering pump is a hydraulic power steering system of a power source, it is through the engine as a transmission medium, the mechanical energy is converted into hydraulic energy, steering hydraulic oil pump output by the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, which play to reduce driver operation strength, improve vehicle maneuverability role;

2, through the pressure relief valve to control the power steering pipe internal pressure to ensure the safety steering system;

3, through the flow control valve flow control steering system, ensuring high-speed driving driver steering feel

Second, the power steering pump classification

1, from the distribution models can be divided into: commercial vehicle and passenger car steering pump steering pump.

2, from the structure can be divided into: vane steering pump, steering gear pumps, piston steering pump; which double acting vane steering pump for its small size, low noise, volume and high efficiency in a variety of models is widely used.

3, from the drive form can be divided into: Gear-driven steering pump, steering pump pulley driven, cross sliding key (spline) steering pump; steering pump drive pulley which is mainly used for small passenger cars drive torque In the commercial vehicle gear-driven and cross-slide button more common.

Third, the power steering pump configuration

Currently automotive steering pump more for double acting vane steering pump, which is mainly composed of ordinary double acting vane pump, flow control valves and pressure relief valve consisting of; double acting vane pump provides high pressure oil flow control valve to ensure that the output for the vehicle steering pump traffic demand, the pressure relief valve to control the maximum steering pump output pressure, for a smaller gasoline engine power, but also equipped with a pressure switch.

Car routine maintenance work done four

In fact, routine maintenance work is very simple, summed up: clean, tight, inspection, supplements.

First, clean
Air contains a lot of dust, sand and an acidic substance, is not only easy to be leaked fuel adhesion, baking at a high temperature to form a hard insulation layer easy, so that deterioration of thermal performance parts, and could easily be eroded by electrostatic attraction body paint face to premature fading.
1. Clean the air filter
Steep dirty air filter will hinder fresh air into the cylinder, resulting in Aiki too thick, incomplete combustion, power down, exhaust exceeded. Modern air filter is generally used paper filter, clean the note: do not use water or oil wash, pat method should be used and purging method. Pat pat filter method that end face, so dust off. Purging method which uses compressed air to filter out internal purge air pressure: the force should not exceed 0.3N / Pa
2. Clean the oil filter
Confusion clogged oil filter will impede the flow of lubricating oil, poor engine lubrication, increased wear and even bush-burning and so on. For this reason, should be regularly cleaned or replaced. Usually replaced once every driving 8000km, if the climate is dry. Should be shortened to 5 000km replacement.
3. Clean the battery
Modern cars are generally maintenance-free batteries, first clean the battery top, to avoid inter-pole due to the electrolyte or other impurities caused by a short circuit; secondly to clean the battery terminals to prevent joints caused by poor contact to produce oxides. Vent should be smooth to avoid excessive pressure or temperature within the battery burst leaving hand.

Second, fastening
After clean vehicles, it is necessary for each connection fastening. Because the process of vehicle vibration, bumps, swing and other reasons, will inevitably lead to loose connections, frayed. Therefore, routine maintenance should promptly tightened. Fastening work daily connections directly related to traffic safety, especially important parts steering, braking, transmission, etc., must not be taken lightly.
1, first of all, the engine around each hose connector fastening, anti-leakage of oil.
2. Second, tighten all electrical equipment, wiring and connectors to prevent open circuit, short circuit, grounding, etc. affect the normal operation of electrical equipment.
3, again, the main connecting member fastened checked. Such as generators belts, steering linkage mechanism actuating means coupling point, drivetrain and tires.

Third, check
After connecting fastening, Tony l should check the height and quality of the oil, because of fluid loss at high temperatures will gradually reduce the level of oxidation and lead to poor performance
1. Check the battery fluid level with a 5 N 6mm diameter tube, add liquid from the mouth of the vertical force to filter into contact with the upper end closed with the thumb to live tube, lift tube, measuring the height of the liquid column which is the Battery fluid level, the standard should be 10 N 15mm.
Height 2, check the oil level in the
Remove the oil dipstick cold car, after the wipe into the bottom of the oil pan, after observing its height should be between the upper and lower marking. Hot car should turn off standby all the oil flowing into the oil pan and then measured.
3. Check the coolant level in the height of the cold when the coolant tank should be full, the expansion tank fluid level should be between the markings. Hot car should be slightly higher than the standard liquid level
4, check the brake fluid, steering fluid level height
Unscrew the bolts, direct observation level is within the specified range markings.
5, check the oil quality
Regardless of the oil, can use the following methods to check.
(1) the appearance of law: View the oil sample was taken, and if more transparent, indicating that contamination is not serious; if the mist, the oil in the seepage water; if gray, may be contaminated with lead or other abrasive; if present Black, high-temperature exhaust gas is contaminated.
(2) Diffusion Method: drop of oil samples taken on filter paper, if the proliferation of a wide area and the diffusion region and the oil droplets no significant difference, indicating that the oil cleanliness is good; otherwise it is clean of oil change poor.

Fourth, add
1, oil supplement
If you did not find a significant deterioration of oil, should look into the leaks, check if it should be excluded, and promptly make up the same level of oil.
2, fluid replacement
If oil deterioration or exceed the replacement cycle, should be replaced.
Usually every six months traveling 8000km or replaced once the oil; each driving 20,000 to 4 million km or two years to replace a brake fluid; 1-2 years to replace a coolant; every year or with the use of thousands of meters to replace a hydraulic oil .

Car routine maintenance

Routine maintenance routine maintenance that is before moving, driving in the car received a job by the driver responsible for the implementation, operations center content is clean, supplies and security review, is to maintain a normal working condition of the vehicle’s regular, must work . Maintenance is a professional service companies responsible for the implementation, operations center in addition to routine maintenance work outside content to clean, lubricate, tighten the main and check the relevant braking, steering and other safety components. Two maintenance by a professional maintenance company responsible for the implementation, operations center in addition to the content level maintenance work outside to check and adjust the main and dismantling tires, rotate the tires. Detection and diagnosis should be carried out before the two maintenance and technical assessment, based on the results, determine the additional jobs or small repair projects, combined with two maintenance be carried out. Maintenance cycle at all levels, according to the car type and operating conditions.

Routine vehicle maintenance is very important. A slight effect on the daily maintenance of the vehicle will not only cause unnecessary damage and endanger traffic safety. Such as the lack of lubricant will cause the pull-cylinder bush-burning, a part of the vehicle and other accidents cited dysfunction; on the contrary, if the daily work done carefully, not only make the vehicle. Keep it new, but to master the technical condition of the various parts of the vehicle, to avoid machinery accidents and traffic accidents.

Car maintenance oil change

How long oil change once? How much oil each time you need to replace? Replacement cycle and the amount of oil on the issue of particular concern to us, the most direct is to see your vehicle maintenance manual, the top general has a very clear presentation. But there are a lot of people have long disappeared maintenance manual, and this time you will find out a lot about. In general, oil change intervals of 5,000 km, the specific amount of the replacement cycle and according to the vehicle-related information to judge.

Not all models are suitable for owners of yourself oil change, but we can learn to see the oil gauge, in order to determine whether the oil to the replacement of the time. Also, change the oil in the oil filter must be replaced at the same time.

Second, antifreeze use common sense
Antifreeze is best used throughout the year, in addition to antifreeze cooling function, as well as clean, rust, corrosion antifreeze effect, reducing water tank corrosion protection of the engine. Note to pick the right color of antifreeze, do not mix.

Third, the brake fluid to use common sense
Function of the brake system and brake fluid are closely linked, in the check and replace the brake pads, brake discs and other hardware, do not forget to see if you need to add brake fluid replacement.

Fourth, the gearbox oil
In order to ensure the car to flexible, should always check the gearbox oil, gear oil, whether or automatic transmission oil, should pay attention to the type of oil, generally speaking are on high.