What are the main types of stainless steel?

Stainless steel” is not merely the word refers to a stainless steel, but said that more than one hundred kinds of industrial stainless steel developed for each specific application in their fields with good performance. The key to success is to understand the use of the first, and then determine the correct steel. Building construction and steel-related applications usually only six of them. They contain 17 to 22% chromium, preferably steel further contains nickel. Adding molybdenum can be further improved atmospheric corrosion, especially corrosion resistance to chloride-containing atmosphere.

Stainless steel is often divided by organizational status: martensitic steels, ferritic steels, austenitic steels, austenitic – ferritic (duplex) stainless steel and precipitation hardening stainless steel. In addition, according to the ingredients into: chrome stainless steel, chrome-nickel stainless steel and chrome manganese nitrogen stainless steel.

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