History of the development of high speed steel

In 1898, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and management Taylor (TaylorF.W.) And metallurgists White (WhiteM.) Developed the invention of high speed steel, and made a cutting test system. When they determine high speed steel components for C-0.67%, W-18.91%, Cr-5.47%, Mn-0.11%, V-0.29%, F- margin, and later W18Cr4V composition is very close. High-speed steel cutting tools available 30m / min cutting speed steel, which is several times more efficient than carbon tool steel and alloy tool steel used in the past, for the United States at the time of the machinery industry won a huge economic benefits.

W18Cr4V speed steel thermoplastic bad, because the twist need hot rolling process, and later the successful development of high-speed steel W6Mo5Cr4V2 addition, there W9Mo3Cr4V. Cutting and mechanical properties of these three high-speed steel approximation, called universal.

After the mid-20th century, the rapid development of science and technology, a variety of difficult materials continue to emerge, the performance of general-purpose high-speed steel no longer use, so high speed steel and high speed steel powder metallurgy have appeared, so the performance of high-speed steel cutting tool material has been greatly improved.

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