On the application of hydraulic couplings

Large-scale machinery and equipment for the two-axis adjustment more difficult, you should choose to use durable and easy replacement of wearing parts couplings. Metal elastic element of general than non-metallic flexible coupling flexible coupling elastic element long life. Require lubrication and the use of non-durable sealing couplings, will increase maintenance. For long-term continuous operation and high cost of occasions, such as China’s metallurgical enterprises in the high-speed end mill drive system, now widely used in the gear coupling, gear coupling Although theoretically transmit torque, but it must be in lubrication and sealing durable good condition to work.

And the need to regularly check the condition of the seal, oil or grease injection, maintenance workload, increased aid work, reducing the effective working hours, affecting production efficiency. International industrial countries have common use long life, no lubrication and maintenance diaphragm coupling along replace drum gear coupling, not only improve economic efficiency, but also purify the work environment. In the selection of the mill drive system developed by knockout elastic coupling and flexible coupling segments, not only has the advantage of diaphragm couplings, and a good buffer damping effect, the price is cheaper.

General Machine Components category couplings are used to join two different bodies axis (master axis and slave axis) so that co-rotating mechanical parts to transmit torque.

Explain some widely used on coupling: coupling by elastic deformation of the diaphragm to compensate for the relative displacement of the two axes associated, is a high performance metal elastic element flexible coupling, no lubrication, more compact structure high strength, long life, no rotation gap, independent of temperature and oil slicks, with acid, alkali, corrosion resistant, suitable for high temperature, high speed, there is shaft drive corrosive environmental conditions, and is widely used in shaft drive various mechanical devices, such as pumps (especially power, chemical pumps), fans, compressors, hydraulic machinery, petroleum machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, chemical machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, aviation (straight l aircraft), ship speed drivetrain, after balancing for high-speed drive shafts have been more common.

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