Hydraulic gear pump regulation of safe operation

1. Ground power, chassis ground wire must check the wiring insulation, before commissioning.

2. Before running the high-pressure gear pump should release all the oil control valve, and then start the gear pump, to be empty load is operating normally, and then return valve closed, and gradually screwed into the valve stem oil, increasing the load, and Note that the pressure gauge is normal.

3. gear pump stops working, you should first return valve slowly release until the pressure gauge and slowly return to zero before breaking jack tubing connector nut. Non-removable tubing or pressure gauges at the load.

4. The double-acting jack with gear oil pump, oil at the same time using two-way dual-coupled gear pump is appropriate.

5. The oil must be resistant to high pressure rubber tube, the working pressure shall not exceed the rated maximum hydraulic oil or gear oil pump of the actual work. Tubing length should not be less than 2.5m. When a gear pump driven by two jacks, tubing size should be consistent.

6. gear pumps and jacks to use the provisions of the working oil oil number, usually on the 10th or the 20th machinery oil, can also be used hydraulic oil, other similar nature, such as transformer oil. The oil must be poured into the tank through a filter. Often used when the filter once a month, the tank should be cleaned regularly. General should keep the oil level in the tank is about 85%, should be less timely complements the original pump oil should be the same number of oil. Oil tank should generally be within 10 ~ 40 ℃ is appropriate, should not be used at negative temperature.

7. Avoid bending the tubing at the operating pressure. Gear pumps and jacks to connect the fuel tank should be kept clean, the dam is not used with screws to prevent sediment entering, gear pumps and jacks exposed nipple nut use sealed to prevent dust. Debris into the machine. After daily use, you should wipe the gear pump, remove grease consider oil on copper wire cloth.

8. gear pumps should not be at work overload, safety equipment shall be rated hydraulic pressure adjustment, non-arbitrary adjustments.

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