What are the conditions of the hydraulic pump to work to meet?

Under what conditions to meet in order to make the pump normally work?

1, should have to have a sealed volume. If the volume is not enough seal, it will not be enough for the oil pressure into energy, it can not be converted into energy, the hydraulic pump to move up.

2, sealed volume can alternate with each other. During continuous operation of the pump, when the volume of the oil chamber that it must continue to slowly increase from small to form a vacuum chamber oil, then the oil tank can be inhaled; when the oil chamber volume from large slowly When reduced, the oil will be pressed into sealing working oil chamber, so that the internal pressure was increased, the oil pressure depends on the output when the input from the pump by the resistance size.

3, the device should be equipped with flow means, when the suction pump automatically in communication with the reservoir, and when the oil pressure supply line communicated with the reservoir while automatically cut off.

4, when the suction air to circulate inside the tank with each other, is a prerequisite to achieve oil-absorbing.

People working in the mechanical factory know, to make the large machine started up production work, it is first of all have to work the pump in order to promote the production and operation of the machine, hydraulic pump would be tantamount to the heart of those behemoths, led the other bodies of the machine work. When the pump this “heart” problems can not operate normally, those big machines will not be forced to stop work.

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