Car maintenance oil change

How long oil change once? How much oil each time you need to replace? Replacement cycle and the amount of oil on the issue of particular concern to us, the most direct is to see your vehicle maintenance manual, the top general has a very clear presentation. But there are a lot of people have long disappeared maintenance manual, and this time you will find out a lot about. In general, oil change intervals of 5,000 km, the specific amount of the replacement cycle and according to the vehicle-related information to judge.

Not all models are suitable for owners of yourself oil change, but we can learn to see the oil gauge, in order to determine whether the oil to the replacement of the time. Also, change the oil in the oil filter must be replaced at the same time.

Second, antifreeze use common sense
Antifreeze is best used throughout the year, in addition to antifreeze cooling function, as well as clean, rust, corrosion antifreeze effect, reducing water tank corrosion protection of the engine. Note to pick the right color of antifreeze, do not mix.

Third, the brake fluid to use common sense
Function of the brake system and brake fluid are closely linked, in the check and replace the brake pads, brake discs and other hardware, do not forget to see if you need to add brake fluid replacement.

Fourth, the gearbox oil
In order to ensure the car to flexible, should always check the gearbox oil, gear oil, whether or automatic transmission oil, should pay attention to the type of oil, generally speaking are on high.

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