Invention and the use of stainless steel

Invention and the use of stainless steel, dates back to the First World War. British scientist Henry Bray Hurley cloth by improving the work commissioned by the British government military arsenal, weapons research. At that time, the soldiers bore rifle with easy to wear, Bray Hurley wanted to invent a scratch-resistant alloy.
Stainless Bray Hurley invention patent made in the United Kingdom in 1916 and began mass production, so far, from the accidental discovery of stainless steel trash swept the world, Henry Bray Hurley is also known as the “father of stainless steel.” World War I, the British firearms on the battlefield, always wear unusable due to the chamber and transported back to the rear.

Military production department command the development of high strength wear-resistant alloy Bray Hurley, specializing in solving the problem of wear and chamber. Bray Hurley and his assistant collected domestic and foreign production of various types of steel products, various properties of steel, in a variety of different types of mechanical performance test, and then select a more suitable guns made of steel. One day, they experimented with a lot of chromium containing steel-made, after the wear-test to identify this alloy is not wearable, indicating that not manufacture guns, so they record the results, to fling a corner thing. One day, an assistant holding a piece of Zeng light watt light steel excitedly came a few months later to Bray Hurley said: “Sir, this is what I found when cleaning warehouse Mr. Mao La alloy sent you Whether the experiment to see if it has any special role in the end! “” Good! “Bray Hurley looked glittering steel, said happily.

Experimental results show that: it is a afraid of acid, alkali, salt stainless steel. This stainless steel is a German invention of the mullahs in 1912, however, the mullahs did not know what purpose this stainless steel.

Bray Hurley thought to myself: “The? This does not wear it corrosion-resistant steel, guns can not be produced, whether it can do dishes,” he went ahead and hands-on production of stainless steel fruit knife, fork, spoon, fruit plate and folding knives.

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